• School ERP is the best way to manage a school in a systematic and organized manner.

    School management software is a tool that is designed for a school, organization, colleges etc. A management solution for the school providing the best results for automating your entire school. It is a paperless school automation solution for present-day schools. The school administration framework gives the office to complete the everyday exercises of the school, making them to quick, simple, solid, productive what's more, precise.

    We provide a complete feature which helps the teachers to maintain the student records like student's data, classes, examinations, participation, and school occasion’s timetable.

    Here at Webnisation provides the school a full management system which will facilitate the working and administration of the different parts of the schools, also incorporating the teachers, guardians, students and the schools on a common interactive stage.

    Our School ERP Setup Includes:

    CLASS SETUP: This setup allows you to enter the information of class and sections of the school,to automate the management of your school.

    FEE SETUP: This allows you set up your basic school fees structure.

    SMS ALERT: This software setup an SMS alert for each individual student to their parents.

    STUDENT ADMISSION SETUP: It provides admission procedure of the school so that student can admit directly to school without filling inquiry form.

    ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT: Easy to maintain the attendance record of the student, and display the attendance information clearly through the graph.

    TIMETABLE MANAGEMENT: It is the best solution for managing the timetables in a simple way. It includes class duration, faculty availability and avoids conflicts in timings.

    LIBRARY MANAGEMENT: It maintains and tracks the allotment of books to the students and stock management.

    ONLINE REGISTRATION: It provides an online registration for school prospectus, result, fees receipts and selected candidate’s record into admission.

    SUBJECT SETUP AND MANAGEMENT: Allows you to enter the basic information about the subjects, so that student can easily analyze the subjects.

    STUDENT CLASS BOOK: It is used to evaluate student class work, homework, assignment, projects etc.

    USER MANAGEMENT: It provides access to principal, vice principal, accountant, teachers and school staff, for controlling and managing

    PARENT PORTAL: This setup allows the parent to log in to view their child status, like attendance, exam result, records etc.

    ONLINE SCHOOL DIARY: It provides the facility of online school diary to update parents about their child performance, remarks, notes etc.

    ONLINE SCHOOL NOTICES: This provides the facility of online notices and announcements which is posted by the school to keep parents informed about upcoming events, news, exams.

    So, School Management Software is the most important part of school, organization, to manage or automate the systematic management.

    This software solved lots of queries and enables the students to understand easily and in an effective manner. This also saves your money, human work and time.

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